When Does My Flat Roof Need Maintenance?

Flat roofs are one of the most popular types of roofing on the market today, and once you lay your eyes on one, you’ll surely understand why. They offer the simplicity that lines up with the modern trends homeowners desire and are straightforward regarding cleaning and care. Flat roofs are also perfect for solar panel installations, which save you a lot of money on energy costs. 

But, just because these roofs don’t require an arm and a leg to maintain, it doesn’t mean you should ignore your roofing company’s suggestion for maintenance. If you want to keep it glistening in the summer sun, learn when your flat roof needs maintenance. 

How Often Should Your Flat Roof Get Maintenance?

The best part about maintenance, no matter the appliance, is that it doesn’t cost much and can even save you money long-term. Homeowners should follow the recommendations of their roofing installers, but the most common suggestion is to get a roof inspection every few months or about three times a year. At the very least, you should consider checking out different roof areas every time a new season hits to ensure it’s ready for the new challenge.

Tips for Keeping Your Flat Roof as Good as New 

Maintenance doesn’t just have to be from a professional. A clean roof is a good roof, so prevent trees, leaks, and heavy weights from damaging your roofing material. Apply a few of these tricks to keep your roof healthy and avoid those costly roof replacements.

Keep Your Roof Clean

Because your roof is so flat, dust, debris, and standing water can easily accumulate. Trees can scrape against the roof and cause trouble. Even pollution can impact the state of your roof, so it’s important to check on it often and ensure it’s in mint condition.

Don’t Forget About Leaks

Water damage is one of the biggest problems plaguing homeowners’ garages, siding, and flat roofs. You should frequently check on the status of your roof’s drainage system. If it’s not working properly, water can seep into the roof membrane and weaken it. Fixing these leaks immediately can keep flat roofs stable and secure.

Keep Weight off Your Roof

Heavy weight on your roof is one way to force a roof repair specialist to your door. There’s only so much a roof can handle, and the more appliances and objects placed on them, the weaker the structure becomes. Too much weight can cause a roof to collapse, something no homeowner wants to experience. 


Splitting is a common cause of problems with flat roofs, and most homeowners (and owners of commercial roofs) should be aware of this phenomenon. Splitting occurs when the material covering your roof develops cracks or tears. This asphalt or felt material usually splits due to the elements like rain, wind, and snow. It’s important to prevent splitting with regular maintenance, as this problem allows water and other debris to penetrate your flat roof and eventually compromise its integrity.

Maintain Your Roof With Help From the Pros

How important is maintenance for your roof? Homeowners can miss out on almost half of the lifespan of their roofs if they don’t get adequate care for their roofs. A well-maintained flat roof can last a few decades, while other roofing systems that don’t receive proper maintenance can need repair after a few short years. If you think it’s time to get your roof the service it needs, contact our roof repair company in Tucson, AZ, today!

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